The Most Serene and Relaxed Residential Communities in Dubai

Dubai is known across the world for its happening city life, fast-paced business activities, outstanding tourist attractions, world-class landmarks, and vast shopping centers. However, there is more to this beautiful Emirate than all that, as it also features certain areas that are perfect for people who wish to enjoy the peace and calm associated with a suburban community.

Let us view a few of Dubai’s hidden gems—residential communities that are perfect for families due to their high standards of living and serene environment:

  • Olive Point – Jumeirah Golf Estates

Developed by the famous property developer Masoud Dehghan Sefid Sangi, Olive Point is located in Jumeirah Golf Estates. Featuring 43 of the most luxuriously designed villas, this residential community is the perfect reflection of what the Mediterranean lifestyle is all about.

Interested buyers can choose from 7 different styles of villas ranging from 4 to 6 bedrooms. The villa styles are inclusive of: Dante, Arturo, Giovanni, Renato, Albertina, Fontana and Enzo. The community has been developed on the Earth golf course where the European Golf Tournament and the Dubai World Championship were held. The villas are open to stunning views and the community is as picturesque as it can be.

The villas feature a dedicated dining area, study room, kitchen, living room and guest room with privacy maintained across the area. In the words of Masoud Sangi, “I believe we have reached our goal with our developments and are very proud to be part of one of this world class golf community”.

  1. Sienna Lakes – Jumeirah Golf Estates

Also located in Jumeirah Golf Estates, this residential community has also been developed by the famed property developer Masoud Dehghan Sefid Sangi. The project boasts of 68 designer villas stretched across the Fire course of the estate. Perfect for golf lovers, the villas have been designed with a Tuscan style and are available in 12 different designs, all of which offer something unique. In the words of its developer Masoud Sangi, “It is a paradise you will not want to leave”.