The true importance of early childhood education

Are you also pondering about the age at which you should send your child to school? Many parents have this concern and most people hold very distinctive and contrasting views about it. Numerous studies have been conducted to find the answer to this question. Let’s have a look at some of these:

The Common Perception of Parents

Most parents believe that kids around the ages of 3-4, are way too young to attend a nursery or school set up surrounded by complete strangers, all on their own. They think that their kids are much better at home looked after by their parents.

Believes like preschools being proper academic institutions accompanied with discipline are difficult for kids to endure, parents find them to be much happier if they spent their childhood days in freedom and exploring life at home.

The True Significance of Preschools/Nurseries

After a lot of research, the true significance of sending children to preschools like one of the nursery near dubai marina, has been determined that how it positively affects a child’s mind and personality and follows in the long run.

Sending children to a good preschool such as the best affordable nursery in jlt is cardinal in shaping and grooming their personality. It also enhances their cognitive skills from an early age. All this would certainly help them in their academics for the years to come.

A highlighting feature of a good preschool is that it offers its students a variety of activities and productive games to engage in including Arts and crafts, imaginative games, singing and dancing, puzzles and jigsaws, sand boxes, reading and writing, sports and exercises and much more.

The collaborative learning process among kids help augment their confidence, develop positive competition among them, improve the communication skills and provide them an opportunity to use up their childhood days more productively rather than lying idly at home.

The benefits

• Children get answers to all of their inquisitive questions and their curious minds can be satisfied.
• They adopt a more active lifestyle and become physically fit.
• The potential of their receptive and sharp minds can be utilized positively from an early age instead of indulging in something wrong.
• Enhance social skills, improves self-esteem and boost confidence by interacting with new people.

• They learn about the fundamentals of academics
• It will elevate their confidence in their learning abilities throughout their life.