Treatment to get rid of cavities

Dental treatment should be done on time and when a person feel anything strange in their mouth then they will have to immediately visit dentist Arabian Ranches Dubai because in the case of delaying the treatment, the problem will get bigger and get its roots deep in the teeth. Once a problem will get deeper and reaches to the inner layers of the teeth then there will be no treatment to reverse the effect of that problem and in most of the cases affected tooth will have to be extracted. There are different treatments available according to the type of damage and the health of the affected tooth and the surrounding teeth as well. Sometimes the damaged tooth will have to be extracted and then a crown will be placed at empty space but this crown will sometimes needs the support of surrounding teeth. Here are the treatments you need to know about:

Fluoride: This treatment will be used to make your teeth looks whiter and cleaner. You need to use tooth paste that have a good quantity of fluoride in that but it will not have any effect on the stain that have on your teeth from a long time and to clean those stains you have to take the fluoride treatment from a good dentist.

Filling: When there are some cavities in the teeth then people will get intense feeling in their teeth whenever they eat something very cold or drink something hot and it is also refers to as the sensitivity but this issue of cavity is more intense and problematic than the issue of sensitivity. When the cavity will go beyond a certain level in the teeth and reaches to the nerve endings then the feeling will be intense and that is the time when you need to get the filling in your teeth to stop this cavity from going beyond that point.

Extraction: When you have problem in your tooth and you ignore that for more time period in the wait that it will be fine with time then you will actually doing bad with your teeth. When the problem will get too deep and the tooth will be unable to get repaired to event made to work to some extent then the only solution is to extract that tooth from mouth to get relief.

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