Best Places for a Helicopter Tour

If you are thinking about going on a helicopter tour but don’t know where, then read below and make up your mind. You will surely call your travel agent and book for a tour at the end. Here the top 5 places to experience one of the best outdoor experiences you can have in a lifetime. Before opting for any tours, find out the helicopter ride in Dubai price.

Grand Canyon

Be at the edge of your seat as your helicopter flies above the most breathtaking views of the natural wonder of the world. Grand Canyon has been one of the most popular places to held helicopter tours for tourists and visitors from all parts of the world. No one can resist the beauty of earth that is seen from hundreds of feet above the ground.

New York City

Flying between skyscrapers and bridges is something thrilling and exciting. If you enjoy being in and around the city, then the New York City Helicopter tours offer many discounted packages and add-ons like pickups in luxury cars etc. You will get a chance to see the Liberty face to face, without which your helicopter tour will be incomplete.

Las Vegas

The city of neon lights, casinos, and several nightspots that are the best tourist magnets, Las Vegas is even more enticing as the Las Vegas helicopter tour beats all the usual experiences. Seeing the city from above is a marvelous escapade that will last longer in your memories.  Don’t forget to fly over Hoover Dam, an unmissable attraction in Las Vegas.


If you think that you have explored and discovered some of the most spectacular sites in the world while travelling in the islands of Hawaii by foot and by sea; you must take those feet off the ground and see Hawaii from above. From mountains to volcanoes, and white sand beaches to sparkling sea, Hawaii helicopter tour would take you to the different islands of Hawaii letting you view the astounding diversity of the region.

Hollywood, California

To spend the best time in California, you must consider booking for a helicopter tour. It would take you near and closer to the Hollywood sign and see the Universal Studios from above. You will get the view of the mansions of some of the most famous people living in California. At nighttime, the city lights from above will dazzle you as you experience the most breathtaking scenes of your lifetime.

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