What is art all about?

In simple words art is just a creation of defining someone’s talents, skills and imagination or thoughts in a creative way. Generally art is produced in the form of paintings, artifacts, and sculptures. The people who create art are called artist. An artist creates his work to be appreciated by the public for its beauty and uniqueness. The world of art is extended worldwide. The creation of artist is also sold in various auctions, and these rare and beautiful pieces are sold on very large sum of money. There are many artist out there who have art galleries of their own where they holds their personal exhibitions. It is a great option for all the art lovers out there to visit arts Dubai for some great and unique pieces of arts.

Difference between painting and sculpture making

Not all artists are good in both, painting as well as sculpture making. They both are separate fields. The greatest difference between a painting and sculpture making is that painting is done on a canvas or paper using several paint, colors using different kinds of brushes. However, sculpture making is included in visual art which is a 3 dimensional structure which is formed by soil or by cutting rocks. These both types of arts have a big following of people who are big fans of such artists. Generally people know more about painting rather than sculpture making. Here you can get some best canvas painting ideas to start with.

Painting is like a language, a visual language who understands this beautiful piece of art. Usually artists gives a message to the community through their work. They are at liberty to practice any kind of element in their paintings. While sculptures are casted into beautiful shapes and the artist who are interested in sculpture making tends to give life to their masterpieces by finishing it with paints or colors. It gives an aesthetic look to your drawing room or any other place.

After talking about the major difference between Painting and sculpture, now the question arises that which one is better? We know that they both can be used for decoration. So keeping that in account painting is far better than sculpture. People tend to decorate their drawing rooms or bedrooms with paintings rather than sculptures. But many say that sculpture if better than painting as it is far more beautiful and eternal than paintings. And it is a unique style of art.