Come to Dubai To Spend Time On A Beachfront Property

Ever wanted to live on a beachfront property, or a beach house, in the most prosperous city in the world? Well look no further than Mohammad Bin Rashid city villas for sale in Dubai or MBR city housing’s Jumeirah scheme. This scheme consists entirely of beachfront properties and villas, all for sale and available for rent to the right buyers.

The area with plots for sale in Dubai itself is in close proximity to popular landmarks and business districts like Business Bay, DownTown Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Burj Park and many other important facilities like Medcare Hospital, malls like Oasis mall and Sunset mall, recreational centres like Dubai Bowling Centre and many more attractions.

The biggest attraction however is Jumeirah itself. Some of the island properties included in this scheme are actually properties, houses and villas built on the man made islands of Jumeirah City(a project of MBR city housing). The most iconic of these islands are the Palm Jumeirah, islands shaped like a palm tree. Because of this design Jumeirah island properties have been symbolized as landmarks of Dubai and it’s prosperity. The Palm Jumeirah is considered the 8th wonder of the world.The rent a villa or apartment here are considerably better thanks to the sale as well.

Low end houses here can cost as little as 6,666 AED per month while the higher end villas can go upto 40,000 AED per month. In some cases even higher than that. There is proximity to Carrefour for all your supermarket needs, as well as highly advanced gyms and security systems with cctvs for your convenience as well. The Islands are maintained with advanced technology that prevents them from sinking or eroding.

A typical Luxury villa with 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and about 7633 square feet of floor area alone costs as much as 21,000,000 AED or 70,179 AED per month. These villas were made by award winning international architects MDR Architects of California. Such a property even has many salient internal features like a balcony, basement parking, bbq area, built in wardrobes, central air conditioning and heating, community view, personal gymnasium, jacuzzi, a private garden, a private swimming pool, 24 hour maintenance, laundry service etc. While on the outside, you can find concierge service, communal gardens, fitness centre, Mosques, public parks, public restaurants, shops and Beach access. All in all, this is one great place to live in , as most of the properties are, houses and especially villas in this area.