What to ask an architect?

Architects are very much in demand by the architecture firms in Dubai and they will constantly strive to hire the best people so that their company will provide better services to clients and then the company will grow and get success. There are a lot of architects in Dubai, which a company can get in touch with and then hire the best one. In the process of hiring, they have to ask a few questions from them and here is the information that they need from the architect:


They need to ask about the services which the architect can provide to the firm as it is the most important thing to ask from any employee before hiring and because engineering is a very technical field so this question is of immense importance and you should never forget about that. In the first interview you have to judge about the abilities by asking about the scope of services which they can provide you.


Sometimes firms will need to hire an architect for a certain project and it will be a contract work in which the company will pay to the employee for a certain time duration in which the project will be completed. You have to ask about the time duration in which the selected architect can complete the project and then you have to hire if you think the time period he is telling you are fine and best to be completed.


When you tell them about the specifications of project then you have to ask about the amount which they require as a return of their services like the pay of the architect for that particular project. You may experience a bigger amount than your budget when you hire a very experience architect but asking this question before hiring will give you the opportunity to change your architect if you think that he is not suitable for your project due to the overpriced payment to him.


When you and the architect will be agreed on a certain amount for the entire project then you have to be clear about the mode of payment. Sometimes the architects will want to get half payment in advance and sometimes they will like to take amount according to the milestones of the project which you create for project completion.