Tips for good aerial filming

Following are a few tips for good drone filming Dubai.


First know about aerial filming. Learn properly about your camera. If you have done some courses related to photography, this is perfect because it would form your knowledge. Then comes the practice. Whatever you know about aerial, practice and implement. You should also watch some videos of aerial filming to learn better and have more knowledge. Practice more after this so you can be perfect.


Don’t panic. When doing aerial filming, relax and pay attention to your filming. Don’t think about any other thing such as the light of oil on your spare tire. Don’t get yourself distracted. It would affect your aerial filming. Make a list of things that you have to do so you don’t forget anything else.

Slow down

Try to slow down and do your aerial filming slowly. This is because if you fly very fast then people won’t be able to see things clearly as everything would be just rushing. If you make your film slowly people would be able to note the smallest details as well.


If you do your aerial filming slowly it would be good for the equipment you are using. Increase the speed and decrease the speed slowly. Your flying should be smooth so you can get good aerial filming.

Flight ways

There are some updated flight ways in the updated drones. If you are still using the outdated drone you should get should get a new drone. Some updated flight ways are rocket, helix, circle, etc.


Learn from the people you know if they do aerial photography. Go and watch videos where people show you how to do aerial filming. There are many techniques for aerial filming. To do a good aerial filming you should know all these technique so better to learn as much as you can even from the people you don’t know.


Weather can affect your aerial filming. If the day is clear or it is cloudy it is fine for your aerial filming.

Don’t start filming in areas where it is raining or where there is fog. The aerial filming would not be smooth which won’t give better results.

If you want to fly in areas where there is wind first learn some proper techniques and then do your aerial filming. All in all, the utilization of drones in construction can also prove to be very beneficial.