Things to know about the Certificate of Conformity (COC)

When it comes export certain goods to Saudi Arabia, you are required to get SASO certification of conformity for products that help in clearing your shipment from Saudi Arabia customs under the conformity assessment program.

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What is a product conformity program?

The product conformity program is managed by the Saudi Arabia standards organization, where exported goods undergo a process of inspection, evaluation conformity, and SASO certification before entering into Saudi Arabia. This process is implemented by the Commerce and industrial ministry of Saudi Arabia. The reason for this product conformity program is to make sure that goods are safe and secure that is exported to this region.

What is COC (certificate of conformity)?

COC is a certificate that is required for every consignment, particular products, or specific batch for custom clearance. Having this certificate ensures that your product matches the requirements of technical regulations and standards. Once you get the approval of COC, it shows that your product is safe and secure for Saudi Arabia’s public. However, the following products have not required these requirements. Demonstration and sample products

  • Sanitary products
  • Goods that are imported for a temporary base
  • Defensive products
  • Medical instrument and products
  • Personal shipment of food and dairy products

Though these products are exempted from COC certification, still it is advisable to confirm the regulations and standards before exporting your goods to Saudi Arabia.

How do apply for a COC certificate?

Following stages are involved in COC certification: When you are in the production stage, as an exporter you have to apply various certified bodies like SGS or Intertek. You also have to send your product to accredited labs for testing products according to required standards. These labs are authorized to issue COC certificates after the lab tests. Your consignment goes through with a testing process where they analyze your product whether it meets the standards of technical regulations or not. They also perform Audits on your manufactured process.

What should include in the Certificate of Conformity?

Following elements should be part of COC:

  • The product description should be in the COC.
  • Complete identification of Importers like name, address, e-mail address, contact numbers, and test records.
  • The place of product where it is manufactured with the manufacturing date.
  • Identification of the third party
  • Make sure to provide a safety list of regulations.

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