Things to know about kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment is very important in order to cook, bake, cut, etc. The kitchen equipment should be strong, easy to use, effective and durable. It should be such that uses less electricity. Every kitchen needs to have kitchen equipment because without kitchen equipment, a kitchen would be incomplete.

In this article, we will discuss the equipment used in the kitchen and also the application of those equipment.

List and application of kitchen equipment Abu Dhabi


Stoves are the most equipment of a kitchen. Stoves are used for cooking, steaming, etc. Mostly stoves work on the principle of LPG. But, stoves are also getting advanced and now such stoves are available that works on electricity.

Cutting board

Cutting board have literally made cutting very easy. They are used to cut vegetables, chicken, meat, fish, etc. with the help of a knife. Make sure to buy wooden cutting board as it is strong and durable.


Ovens are the best when you love baking. They are mostly used for baking, cooking and roasting. Conventional ovens on the principle of LPG whereas modern ovens work on the principle of electricity. There are many different kinds of ovens. You can choose the ovens according to your needs.

Pans and Pots

Pans and pots are used for cooking. There are different types of pans and pots available usually of different size and shape. You can buy the pans and pots according to your likes and needs.


Blender is used to make juices. So, if you love making juices at home then a blender is a most important kitchen equipment for you. Smoothies and soups can also be made by blenders.

Bowls for mixing

Bowls for mixing are used for mixing as we can even understand from the name. Bowls for mixing are very necessary because without these bowls you cannot mix anything. Bowls for mixing could be used to mix salads, sauces, seasonings and also for keeping leftovers. 

Spoons for measuring

Spoons for measuring are very important for perfect cooking and baking. They are used to measure the correct amount of spices and baking ingredients. So, spoons for measuring are very important kitchen equipment.

Now, you know the list of kitchen equipment and also their application. Make sure to use every kitchen equipment in a proper way and carefully so you don’t harm yourself. Looking for electronics? Visit a trusted electronic shop online.