Men’s clothing – Things to know

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Let us get started with the question and answers related to men’s clothing.

What is considered as the perfect tie?

There is nothing as a perfect tie. You make the tie perfect. Ties are available in many patterns and designs now. For instance, you are wearing a plain shirt. You could go with a tie in combination with some pattern or design on it. Also, make sure to have the tie of silk with high quality.

What should be the length of your trousers?

Length of the trousers should be taken very much in to consideration because a bit of increase or decrease in the length changes your appearance. For instance, if the length of your trousers is long, they give a sloppy look and it doesn’t give a formal impression. Whereas, if the length of your trousers is a bit short, you would look like a boy who goes to school.

What are the ideal colors for business wear?

Always be classic! The ideals colors for business that you should go for is grey or you could even go for blue. Various shades of these two colors can be found. So, you can wear any shade that you want or like.

Is it fine to wear jeans for business wear?

You don’t usually see people wearing jeans. This is because this thing is not very common and is not considered formal. So, if you really want to wear jeans rather than wearing dress pant, it is better that you ask your manager. Without his consent, it might not be fine to wear jeans.

Should you wear socks with your suit?

This is something that could be a bit difficult to answer. You might have seen many male models and celebrities not wearing socks with their suits. This is basically your own choice. Also, it depends upon the environment where you are working. For suppose, you are working where people notice even the tiniest detail, then wearing socks is a must. But, if you work in any place where people are cool, then wearing socks is your choice.